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JEDA Web Design & Development Process

Quick Information Fact
to all Customers about our Websites....

Did you know that your customers search the Web in different internet browsers?

And our Websites are always tested in the 6 mayor internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, Safari, Opera, Netscape and Google Chrome to make sure your web site looks uniform across the different internet browsers.


Custom Website Design & Development Process
8 Simple steps to achieve your goals simple, easy and fast!

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custom website design for spa and beauty salons



  1. Information

    In order to start your custom web site we need to garter information from you. To know you better, we conduct a quick questioner about you or your business.

  2. Research

    After we complete our information process we start making our research, one of the most important steps to archive your success, in this step is where we make sure that your ideas and beliefs portrait your custom web site design.

  3. Draft

    Here is where all begins! In this step is where we start working in your Custom Web Site Design. We start putting ideas in the table, we make few muck ups where we choose the best that fits your needs.

  4. Agreement

    After we find the Design you will like we sit down to discuss with you what is the time line, what needs to be changed, what are the most important points in your custom web design and so on. Here is where we make sure that both parties agree about the service that is going to be provided.

  5. Review

    After we agree in the terms of the services that we will provide. We could say that your custom web design is almost done, but in order to make sure that your web site design fits your requirements. We make the final review with you to guarantee that is ready to go live.

  6. Live

    Finally, we have archived what you wanted the most! Your custom web site is on line. Here is where you can tell your family, friends and customers that you are part of the internet world.

  7. Check

    Just to make sure that every aspect of your custom web design is working properly we check every day for the first 2 weeks that your web site is running smooth in internet. This service is free of charge!

  8. Keep in touch

    Because we believe that customer services is the pillar of our success. We keep in touch once a month for the first year to make sure that your custom web site is live. This step is what we call "Jeda Web Design"

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." — Albert Einstein

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