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Frequently Ask Questions to Jeda Web Design

Quick Information Fact
to all Customers about our Websites....

Did you know that your customers search the Web in different internet browsers?
And our Websites are always tested in the 6 mayor internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, Safari, Opera, Netscape and Google Chrome to make sure your web site looks uniform across the different internet browsers.

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Is Jeda Web Design located in Arizona?
Yes, Jeda Web Design is a local company based in Mesa, Arizona.

I don’t know what kind of website I need?

Don't worry we are here to listen to your concerns and questions about websites. We can help you choosing a Custom Website Design that fits your needs.

Do I need Hosting provider in order to see my website online?

Yes, every website requires a hosting provider to be able to go online. We can recommend you hosting providers in order to save you money and time getting this kind of service.

Do you offer website packages?

Yes, we offer website packages and please feel free to check our current custom website design packages.

I have hosting provider, but I don’t know how to upload my website design, can you do it for me?

Yes, we can help you doing it with a base fee of $99.99. Please, note that in order to upload your files we may required some information from you in order to upload your website files into your hosting account.

Do you charge set up fee in any of your Custom Website Design and Development Service?

No, we do not charge set up fee when you contract any of our services.

I want to have a website, but I don’t want to deal with all the technological difficulties. Can you take care of the entire problems that involve loading a website on line?

Yes, if you have request any of our custom website services. Please, note that we do not provide hosting service and we may required some information from you in order to up load your website files into your hosting account.

I can’t pay the full amount of my custom website design service! Can I make monthly payments instead?

Yes, you can make payments instead, but in order to make monthly payments we required a first payment of 50% of the total price.**
**We have in mind that sometimes is hard to pay the full amount of our services and we accommodate to your needs and economic situation. Please note that price may be subject to change.

How long does it take my website to be completed?

After you approve our website design your website should be completed in 10 business days**
**The number of days it takes to complete your website varies based on quantity of pages and content provided by the customer. Please contact us to determine how long it will take to complete your service.

Do you offer search engine optimization service or seo packages?

Yes, we do offer SEO packages. Please feel free to check them out and ask any question or concern you have. Search Engine Optimization Packages

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